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Gray Nitrile Coated Palm White Shell Work Gloves - Size Small

Brand : Liberty Gloves
Item # : 4630Q/S
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  • $ 15.99 / 1 Dz

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Item Specifications

  • 13 Gauge White Nylon/Polyester shell
  • Thin Standard Gray Nitrile Coated Palm
  • Typical Applications: Paint Work, Pharmaceuticals, Inspection, Parts Assembly, Etc

Nitrile coated, nylon/polyester knit work gloves have a gray nitrile coating on the palms that provide extra grip when working as well as help to protect hands from cuts and abrasions. The gloves are form fitting and so comfortable it is as if you are wearing no glove at all!

These gloves are designed for protection from minor cuts and lacerations as well as providing a superior grip. They are not meant to protect hands from excessive heat or cold or from chemicals.